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A magazine dedicated to uplifting and transforming our lives through the uncompromising Word of God.

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A magazine dedicated to uplifting and transforming our lives through the uncompromising Word of God.

The Edifier

The October 2023 edition of The Edifier magazine is now available. The Edifier is published by the Church of God (Seventh Day) in Australia. Its pages share the uncompromising and edifying Word of God.

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We also invite submission for you own Christ-centred, Biblically authoritative articles, photos, news, poetry or artwork.

Faith comes by hearing the word of God.

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The Edifier

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The Edifier magazine

Download your copy in PDF format. Older editions of The Edifier below:

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Calling all writers

We publish The Edifier magazine every four months, and we plan to feature a new author with each edition. We encourage members and friends of the Church of God (Seventh Day)  to submit your articles, high resolution photos, drawings, your own poetry, your created Bible word search or crossword, on any subject that reflects the authentic and edifying Word of God in a spirit of grace and truth.

Below are a few helpful pointers to get started!

♦ Please type your article in English, saved in Word , WordPerfect, LibreOffice or plain text formats.  Do not send as a PDF. Do not send articles in handwriting - please ensure your article is typed out.

♦ Recommended length of short articles to be from 350 to 500 words. Longer articles from 900 to 1200 words.

♦ Do not use AI  (such as ChatGPT) generated text. The reason for this is that our testimonies and written work comes by the Holy Spirit, not from any other source.

♦ Please note that all submitted articles may be edited in the interests of clarity, context and grammar.

♦ Any photos must be of a high resolution, 300dpi, and in either JPG or PNG formats.

♦ Please email your article to john(at)

♦ Larger documents may be sent by Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive.

Upload your article for The Edifier

This upload utility is provided as an easy way to submit your article or content.

The Edifier Archive

Editions of The Edifier in PDF format from 2007 to 2021.

  1. Listed in recent date order:
  2. November 2021 - Prophecy
  3. August 2021 - Looking Ahead
  4. May 2021 - Ministry during COVID
  5. January 2021 - God's Perfect Timing
  6. October 2020 - Tomorrow
  7. June 2020 - Glorious Jesus
  8. February 2020 - Father and Son
  9. November 2019 - The Uninhabitable Planet
  10. July 2019 - Jesus is not a Brand
  11. April 2019 - Jesus Christ Returns!
  12. December 2018 - The Kingdom of God
  13. August 2018 - Leadership, the right thing...
  14. April 2018 - Born of a Virgin
  15. January 2018 - Christ Community
  16. September 2017 - Spirit Formed
  17. May 2017 - Invitation to Prayer
  18. January 2017 - Change
  19. September 2016 - Greatest One of All
  20. May 2016 - The Joy of Jesus
  21. February 2016 - Watchfulness
  22. October 2015 - Is True Religion Love?
  23. June 2015 - Simon the Sorcerer
  24. March 2015 - Faith in Action
  25. November 2014 - A Satisfying Christian Life
  26. July 2014 - The Inner Man
  27. March 2014 - Crossing the Jordan
  28. September 2013 - Joshua at the Tent
  29. June 2013 - The Light Went Out
  30. February 2013 - Laying Aside Every Weight
  31. November 2012 - The Ninety & the Nine
  32. June 2012 - Muslim's faith in Christ
  33. February 2012 - The Narrow Way
  34. July 2011 - My Lord & my God
  35. March 2011 - The Poor Cousin
  36. October 2010 - Divine Declarations
  37. July 2010 - The New Sexual Revolution
  38. April 2010 - Knowing your Eternal Destiny
  39. December 2009 - Finding a Church Home
  40. September 2009 - The Way of Salvation
  41. June 2009 - Shall Not Tempt...
  42. March 2009 - Revival in the Church
  43. December 2008 - Faith in Action
  44. September 2008 - Elijah's Restoration
  45. June 2008 - Busy?
  46. March 2008 - Becoming as Little Children
  47. December 2007 - More Food For Faith
  48. August 2007 - Stormy Seas
  49. March 2007 - As The Deer Pants

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